Payroll Mapping
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Payroll Mapping

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Payroll Mapping

There are three areas of payroll which need to be reviewed and mapped.

In the file menu, go to Configuration, payroll, the relevant accounts will need to be set up in the chart of accounts before you can process payroll

- Map payroll kinds - Expense accounts kinds/items such as ordinary times earnings, superannuation and leave

- SBR Mapping - Single touch payroll mapping which splits out the Gross as per the ATO requirements

- Control accounts - liability accounts kinds/items such as PAYG paid, payroll clearing, super liability

Map payroll Kinds

Expense account kinds/items

Expense account kinds/items include Ordinary times earnings, Leave, allowances, deductions and termination kinds/items. 

There is already a set of default payroll kinds/items for expenses. See list below.

You can create additional payroll kind/items and make payroll kinds that you are not going to use inactive

Expense accounts can be mapped by department or no department or by Departments.

See below list of default kinds and example of mapping.

Control Accounts

Liability Accounts

In the ledger menu go to chart of accounts and then settings, the relevant liability accounts should be set up in the chart of accounts before you can map

The relevant accounts are below

SBR Mapping

If you go to the File menu > configuration > payroll > SBR Mapping or Payroll > Single Touch Payroll > Map Kinds

See screenshot below how to SBR map a kind

Default SBR Mapping

- The default kinds MUST be mapped, some of these kinds will be found in the system maintained category

Ordinary Hours, Superannuation, Super sacrifice, Salary PAYG accrued and PAYG paid


Other SBR Mapping

- The following kinds only need to be mapped if/when they are used

Other Mapping

Allowances and Deductions

Lump Sum and ETPs


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