How to process New Businesss
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    How to process New Businesss

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    New Business Processing Overview

    Overview of Process

    Create new kinds for New Business these are used for resources spent on the pitch; these kinds will have a zero charge rate so they won’t generate value

    Update Organisation Chart to include the new kinds for New Business

    Create a planning template with the new business kinds for each job type

    Create prospects in the address book

    Create a dynamic prospect address book list to keep all prospects together

    Create a job using a normal job type and select the new business template in planning

    Time for work done on the pitch is entered only against the New Business kinds; these will have ZERO value.

    Create an estimate with the normal kinds and email to the prospect

    The estimate will appear in the sales pipeline (all estimates not yet accepted appear in the sales pipeline)

    If the estimate is declined you can cancel the job, the prospect will remain in the address book

    If the prospect accepts the estimate change the status of the estimate to accepted, mark all the new business tasks as complete so no one can put time against these tasks

    Commence work on the job using value generated kinds

    Edit the address book record and select the client option i.e change address book record type to client and enter in a date "new business until" - refer below for more info.

    Keeping an eye on New Business

    To identify the amount of income from new clients they are defined as clients added in the last 12 months or a lesser period defined by the user in the New Business until field in the client record.

    The dashboard has a business won graph. Select the magnifying glass to see this in a chart form. The dashboard can be opened at startup automatically and can be found under the JobBag menu

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