Create a Keyword
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Create a Keyword

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Create a Keyword

  • Select Keywords through the JobBag menu. 
  • Select the Group that the Keyword is applicable to.

  • Click the + on the toolbar
  • Type the word(s) you are nominating as a keyword in the Keyword field.

Example: Printers - Books

  • Click Include in Subgroup

Result: List Keywords window displays with the Sub-Groups in this Group displayed

  • Select the Sub-Group if you wish to include the Keyword in one.

Example: Type of Business

  • Press green tick to close the List Keywords window. If you want to associate this Keyword with a Container Keyword (eg. Printers)
  • Repeat steps 5 through 7 if this Keyword is to be allocated to numerous Sub-Groups.
  • Select the green tick to close the Create a New Keyword window.

As you move through your list of keywords you see different amounts of the information displayed, depending on whether a keyword is: An orphan – if a keyword is created directly under a Group, and is not included in any subgroups it is known as an ‘orphan’ and there is no other information about it to display.

Part of a subgroup

A container keyword displaying its members

A member of a container keyword.

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