Finance Process - Expense Claims
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    Finance Process - Expense Claims

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    Finance Approval and Posting to GL

    This is where you can review approved, submitted, and posted claims and either:

    • edit a claim and change information on the claim eg add or remove GST; change KIND codes etc; it is not possible to claim through the desk top version of JobBag
    • reject a claim or 
    • post an approved claim to the general ledger or
    • post a submitted claim to the general ledger or
    • forward the claim to another for review or approval or
    • delete a posted claim (if you made an error; note it is not possible to delete posted claim through the desk top version of JobBag)

    Edit a claim

    If one of the approved claims should not have GST on it follow this process to add the GST.

    Select claim and right click anywhere on the line.

    The next screen has more information about the claim - single right click on the line to open up the original receipt

    Select new tax status from drop down list

    Save the changes

    Post the updated receipt

    Reject a claim

    Select the claim and click on reject icon

    Status of claim has changed to "rejected"

    When the creator of the claim views their claims - it appears as "rejected"

    Post a claim

    In this finance TAB you select an option to view "approved" or "submitted" claims and click on the 'Post' icon to the general ledger.

    Forward a claim

    Select claim and click on the forward icon 

    Select person to whom you wish to forward the claim to click on submit

    The claim now appears on Bow Ryan's "Manager Review" tab for approval.

    Delete a Posted Claim

    If you decide you have posted a claim in error, you can delete it.

    Select the posted claim 

    Click on the claim

    You now have the option to delete it.

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