Payroll Configuration Overview
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Payroll Configuration Overview

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Before you start

You will need to gather the following information. 

- Understand who can and can't view payroll information

- Employees personal, salary and superannuation info

- Superannuation clearing and employees superannuation fund info ABNs, USI

Ensure confidential information is secure

  1. In the File menu, go to Administration > User maintenance
  2. Update Payroll Group Privileges

Review and complete Payroll General ledger mapping

  1. In the File menu, go to configuration and then payroll
  2. Review and complete Map payroll kinds and SBR mapping
  3. Review and complete control account mapping. In the ledger menu, to chart of accounts and the settings
  4. If you are mapping by department (Account Service, creative, admin) the departments will need to be set in the organisation chart

Payroll Cycles and Tax Tables

  1. In the File menu, go to configuration and then payroll
  2.  Review and set Payroll Cycles and update Tax tables

Add New Superannuation clearing house and employees Superannuation funds

1. Navigate to > JobBag menu > address book > new worklist

2. Select new > Business > Super Fund

3 Add Super Fund Name Address, ABN and USI. You need to indicate which fund is the clearing house 

4. Once you have added all the super funds save the work list for future reference

Add New Employee into the address book

1. Add new employee into the address book

2. Navigate to > JobBag menu > address book > employee worklist

3. Select new, individual, employee

4. Add employees personal information name, home address, DOB, mobile and personal email address and under details header enter employees work email, phone numbers and save

Add Employment Information

1. Go to the employment tab in the employee address book record

2. Create a Payroll Header

3. Add new employment information, enter salary and a package or salary plus superannuation, tax and superannuation information

Single Touch Payroll (STP)

JobBag uses the Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) site to connect and communicate with the ATO for Single Touch Payroll (STP). 

1. To get started there are three key steps which need to be completed by the owner/principle authority of the business. 

2. See link to STP Configuration for further details.


A standard payslip is available

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