User Maintenance Settings - Password Security
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User Maintenance Settings - Password Security

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User maintenance settings - Password security

Navigate to File > Administration > User maintenance > Settings

Due to recent events, JobBag has increased the security protocols required when logging in to JobBag.  This window allows you to set the security options you wish to implement. eg time limits on passwords and minimum length of password. 

JobBag now checks for passwords which have been compromised - you will not be allowed to use a password that has been compromised.

Append system domain

This allows you to remove the email domain when logging on,  for example will become

Password resets

Password will need to be reset every 15 weeks, however you can choose to make that more frequently, every week, fortnight for example.  You can't extend it beyond 15 weeks.

Minimum password lengths

When you are required to change your password you will now need a special character (!@#$%^&*) along with a capital, lower case and number. The minimum number of characters is set in your database password settings.

Password check by Troy Hunt

JobBag will check the password entered by the user against known password breach files through a service offered by Australian security expert Troy Hunt.  Passwords that appear in breach files will not be allowed.

You can add extra security by turning on Two Factor Authentication for all users

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