Two Factor Authenication (2FA)
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    Two Factor Authenication (2FA)

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    Two factor authentication provides and extra layer of security for users when logging into JobBag. 

    Two factor authentication is mandatory for users who have access to certain types of information, like administration, payroll/talent records and bank accounts.

    You can choose to turn on two factor authentication (2FA) for all users.

    How 2FA works in JobBag

    When a user logs in, they are required to enter their username and password. If two factor authentication is enabled, the user will then be required to enter a 6 digit authentication code to successfully log in.

    Authentication codes are one-time security codes which are retrieved from the user's registered email or an authenticator app. Examples of authenticator apps: Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, Microsoft Authenticator

    Set up

    When a user first logs into JobBag, they choose which method they want to receive their one-time pass code. 

    - Use an Authenticator app

    - Email to me

    If the user is not required to use two factor authentication, this dialog will not show.

    Use Authenticator App

    Scan the generated code on the JobBag authentication screen and enter the resulting code. 

    Examples of authenticator apps: Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, Microsoft Authenticator.

    Email to me

    Receive the authentication code by email and enter it in the field displayed. 

    The user's email address needs to be included in their user record

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