Step 1 - Reconcile/Approve Leave
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    Step 1 - Reconcile/Approve Leave

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    The browse leave events window allows administrators to reconcile and approve leave events. 

    They can enter leave on behalf of other employees, approve leave or send a notification to a manager requesting leave to be approved. 

    Annual leave, Personal leave and Public holiday events are set up as part of the standard payroll configuration. If other leave events are required these will need to be set up and configured.

    All leave needs to be approved before the pay run is done for that cycle.

    Navigate to Payroll > Step1 Reconcile/Approve Leave

    Field NameDescription 
    Leave EventsAll leave events need to be approved before they will appear on a payslip
    EditEdit to make changes to the leave event. Paid leave events cannot be edited.
    Request ApprovalChoose from the drop down box and send a request/notification to a manager to request approval
    ApproveApprove the leave event. All leave events must be approved to appear in a payslip
    HistoryThis is a log for the event . Informs created and approved by
    InfoThis shows you the date range of the event period, available leave balances and if they have already been paid
    PrintPrint/PDF a leave form
    RefreshRefresh the screen
    Request leaveRequest leave . Allow payroll administrator to enter/request leave for other employees

    Process 1

    Employees enter their leave requests, either in the active diary or JBX these are approved from their manager or payroll administrator

    Process 2

    Employees submit paper leave forms which are entered into JobBag by payroll administrator

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