Product news September 2022
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Product news September 2022

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Product News September 2022  

   Use Special fields to improve workflow between teams

Ever wondered which Jobs needed to have Briefs chased up? Or which Team or Employee should look at a Job when client approval is received?  Special fields (aka Job Details) can be added to your Jobs or Address book Worklists. Use them to identify Dates or Action Items about your jobs. 

Change a Job Status with a related Date or Assigned Employee

  • Set up Job Statuses to reflect your business processes. 
  • Set up Job detail fields like the examples below. 
        • When a Job status moves from Awaiting Approval to Client Approved, a Date or Team member Custom Field can be added. 
        • When a Job status is Awaiting Brief, a custom Date field called Brief Due Date gives more context for teams monitoring to know when to chase up the brief. 
  • Monitor Job Detail fields in your Worklist(s), so you know what needs actioning. 

  Learn about Job Details here →

   Freelancers/Contractors on JobBag! 

JobBag can record the differences between Employees and Freelancers/Contractors. For the difference between the two, read what the ATO has written on the subject here

The freelancer feature records and capture freelancer costs and value more efficiently and very easy to set up . The freelancer features gives you many more options on how to deal with freelancers workflow, capacity, timesheets, invoicing and if required, any superannuation and PAYG requirements. Freelancer hours (capacity) can be managed on the fly via JobBag's Employment section, and shown accurately in the visual planner. Learn more about Freelancers here → 

If you'd like some help setting up your system and workflows for freelancers, contact us directly on +61 (02) 8115 8090.

   Use JobBag as a Booking system for resources

Set up your meeting rooms or editing studios as bookable resources. See how busy things are before booking a space. Cancel your booking easily and visibly, so others know that the room(s) are now available. Call our dedicated client service team to get this set up for you → +61 (02) 8115 8090. 

Studios are part of your Organisation Chart

See studio capacity in the Visual Planner



  New builds 226 and 227 

This build comes with important fixes for payroll and talent. 

  • Performing artists and Self Billing talent sections are now calculating PAYG correctly.
  • Have the latest payroll ID at the top of the list (i.e. list arranged by descending date order) 
  • Freelancers who wish to have PAYG deducted cannot charge GST. Please contact us if you need to discuss this.
  • You are now able to search the Address Book for Contacts only for active Clients and Suppliers. 
  • Bugs affecting the columns for Salutation, Talent Agent, Supplier Invoice Type and Keywords columns for both Companies and Contacts have been fixed. Bugs affecting the Main Email and Email columns have also been fixed. You can now add these columns to your worklists. Sort function has been fixed for the Employment start and end dates. 

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