payroll superannuation-superannuation payment
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    payroll superannuation-superannuation payment

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    Superannuation Reconciliation/Payments


    Each Superannuation reporting period (monthly/quarterly) a superannuation file should be created, paid and reconciled to the balance sheet.

    Note: You need to ensure you have set up the superannuation clearing house you use for your organisation.

    1. Create current periods superannuation file
    2. Reconcile to balance sheet accounts
    3. Approve the superannuation file - this will create a supplier invoice for the Clearing House and a file for export . Note: the file will not be created if there are missing USI numbers
    4. Create a payment for the super clearing fund supplier invoice
    5. Export the superannuation file to the clearing house

    If you have been not been using the above process to pay employee's superannuation, there would be unreported (outstanding _superannuation transactions. You have the option to archive these transactions and create a file for the current period's transactions. Refer to Unreported Superannuation

    Creating current periods Superannuation File

    Step 1 Click on “Payroll > Superannuation reconciliation/payment”

    Step 2 Click on in the following screen:

    Step 3 Enter the current reporting period start and end dates

    Step 4 Click on ,

    If you have unreported super from prior periods, the following question appears:

    If you answer “YES” the super file will include both current period and unreported super from prior period

    if you wish to review the unreported super from prior periods., please refer to Unreported Superannuation

    If you answer “NO” the super file will only include current period super

    This will load the current periods super liability/payment records, fund names and amounts for employees (payslips), freelancers and talent for the period.

    Note: Separate file can be created for each type employees, freelancers and Talent.

    Step 5 Click to save and create current periods Superannuation file

    some browsers enable drag-n-drop only when dataTransfer has data

    To view further details of the super records, employees name, super funds and amounts, you can click on one these 3 options to view the expanded list or collapse the list:

    Step 6 click print icon (in the screen below) to print a listing pf payments and reconcile to the Super payable balance sheet account.

    Step 7 Click on the approve icon (refer to screen below) to approve the file for payment.

    A csv file is created. Send this file to the clearing house.

    The following message appears about the consequences of approving the file

    Step 8 Create payment to the Superannuation Clearing House

    When the super had been paid, the superannuation info turns green.

    Step 9 Create file for export to superannuation clearing house Click on the export icon in the following screen yo create a file

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