Create a Prospect in Address Book
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Create a Prospect in Address Book

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Create a Prospect in Address Book

A client is a prospect until they accept an estimate and a job becomes "live".  This process allows time to be recorded on a job. If a pitch is unsuccessful. the prospect becomes an inactive prospect and the job is cancelled. If the pitch is successful you either write off the time or it becomes billable and the prospect is marked as a client.

Complete Prospect Header Record

1  Navigate to JobBag > Address book

2 Click on in the following screen

Step 3 Complete the following header screen

Classify a prospect as a Business or Individual. Select either option and also select Prospect.

If prospect is a business, you have to enter company name.

Field Name



Select Prospect

Company Name

Enter name of company

Display nameJobBag will create a display name which you can change


Use either:- 

- the ABN number provided by the look up service, or; 

- enter the ABN number provided by the prospect


JobBag will pre-fill a default code. Please change this to suit your organisation's standards. 


Complete the address info

Registered for GSTTick if prospect is registered for GST

Complete Prospect Details section

Complete if any information is relevant.

The Default account in this section is not relevant for clients or prospects. It is for selecting the default bank account from which a supplier payment is processed.

Complete Prospect Section

Field Name


DivisionSelect division from drop down list


If you have set up arenas, select from drop down list

Account Executive

Select a name from the drop down list

Account DirectorSelect name from drop down list
Is ActiveTick if prospect is active


Enter number of days due from either date of invoice or end of invoice month

Job prefixJobBag will recommend a job prefix based configuration
Service FeeEnter a % if service fee is applicable
Credit LimitEnter amount if applicable
Paymententer days eg 30 days and select either 'date of invoice' or 'end of invoice month'


This is automatically filled in when the above two fields are selected

Email quotes toSelect from drop down list

Email invoices to

Select from drop down list

Email statements toSelect from drop down list
Allowed kindsThis usually applies to suppliers

Job Types

Select job types applicable for the client. The benefit is less error when creating jobs for this client.

Create Contact for Prospect

You can create a contact for the prospect now or later when you are creating a job.

Click on

Click on

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