Media Phases
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Media Phases

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Media Phases


You can create many phases in a media plan, for example, Radio, Digital, Press etc.

You are able to:

  • Change the name of the default media plan
  • Enter start and end dates for a phase
  • Add new phases
  • Schedule media spots beyond the end date of a media phase
  • Move media phases around

Default Media Plan Phase

When you create a media job, the default phase name is usually Phase 1 unless you have set up a default template plan.

Change Name of Default Media Phase

Note: The default Phase 1 cannot be deleted, you need at least one phase in a plan.

Right-click on a phase to edit  the phase name

Add a New Phase

Step 1 Click on

Step 2 Complete the entry screen

Step 3 Click on

An example of a media plan with two phases

Add Media Plan to a Phase

You now have a job with two media phases.

Add a media plan to selected phase

Schedule media beyond the end date of a phase

Note: You can schedule media spots beyond the scheduled date.
When a media spot is scheduled beyond the end date of a phase - the dates change colour

When you click on

a warning message appears

Click on to create the media plan

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