Media Process Overview
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Media Process Overview

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Media Overview

What does JobBag's Media Planner do?

Create, plan and print media schedules in one or two currencies eg supplier costs are in AUD and client billing is in NZD

Update media schedules and save each version which is emailed to clients

Create Media-specific purchase orders

Create Media-specific client invoices

Create Media-specific client credit invoices

Process Media supplier invoices

Record “production” fees on a plan and invoice clients

Create Media phases

Reverse and create a new plan although the client has been invoiced

Process different types of media commissions (eg. commission only or mark ups or a mix of both)

Mark a media plan as presented i.e. “has appeared”

Process “third party” commissions

Maintain media owner / media outlet relationship - although media ownership of an outlet may change half way through a media campaign

Print media listing reports

Media Licence

  • A license is needed to access the Media feature, which allows you to create media plans/schedules, media purchase orders, media client, and supplier invoices.

There is an additional fee for a media license

Media Owners

  • Media owners own one or many media outlets

You can link a media owner to their outlets

Able to change ownership of an outlet halfway through a campaign

Media Outlets

  • Create a type of supplier known as Media Outlet

Some Media owners may own one or several media outlets. JobBag allows you to link media owners and their media outlets. These media suppliers are known as Master Owners when they are linked to their media outlets. Refer to Media Suppliers for more information.

Traditional media outlets who pay commission

Non-Traditional Media outlets who do not pay commission; their services are marked up

Link a Media outlet with a default Media kind

Media Supplier Rates

  • You can use up to 5 decimal places, i.e. a rate of 100.12345, can be used. JobBAg will calculate the dollar amounts.

Media Job

  • Create a Job Type for “Media” - useful for reports and WIP process

Ensure the Media Job Type does not have a “default plan” set up.

Media Plan

  • Create a media plan for bookings/spots

Spots can be cloned using shift and drag between the lines

Create a snapshot of the plan to email to the client

Phases can be created (Right-click on Phase names to edit)

Create FOC (free of charge) spots

Create “Do not invoice” bookings

Media Production Fees

  • Add a production kind and a fee to a plan

This will not be used on a PO

It starts as “planned” but can be directly used on invoices

Media Process

Media Process Diagram

  • Ensure the user is set up as a Media User with a media license

Ensure privileges are switched on for Media and Media POs

Create kind codes for media

Create a media job type

Create extra job details (these are used in the headings of the media plan)

Create a job

Use the media tab in the jobs window to create Media Plans

Format header information for the media plan

Take a snapshot of the plan and email to the client for review and approval

Edit media plan based on client input

Create and approve POs; booking status changes to “booked”

Create client invoices - booking status changes to “invoiced”

Create media client credit invoices if needed - booking status changes back to “booked”

Process media supplier invoices

WIP is updated with Media PO accruals. invoices etc

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