Approve Test Client Invoices
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    Approve Test Client Invoices

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    Approve Test Client Invoices


    Follow this process if you wish to approve test client invoices.

    Client Invoice Settings

    Please select the option you require in the client invoice settings window.

    If you wish to consolidate all test invoices into one PDF in the email, tick the 'consolidate test invoices' option.

    NOTE: If you wish to have each test invoice appear in the email. do not tick the 'consolidate test invoices' option.

    Approve Client Test Invoice Process

    Step 1 Select client test invoices

    Select test invoices which require approval

    Step 2 Click on button

    Step 3 Select person who is required to approve test invoices

    Email when all invoices are consolidated into one invoice

    Email when invoices are not consolidated into one PDF

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