Job Worklists
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Job Worklists

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Job Worklists

JobBag worklists are dynamic worklists. This means, using JobBag owned worklists you can search, create your own personlised worklists, pin them and share them with the team. 

JobBag owned Worklists

JobBag comes pre-loaded with JobBag-owned worklists. All changes made to columns, additions or deletions will not be saved as they are JobBag owned lists. 

You can choose one of these lists - live jobs or all proposed, live, on-hold and completed jobs, which will allow you to search and review jobs which own this status.

The above lists are dynamic i.e. when you add a job, they automatically appear on the list. 

Manage worklist

Allows you to pin the worklist to the menu.

When you pin a list to a menu...

The list appears as a shortcut when you click on the JobBag menu in the tool bar.

Create your own Job worklist

Use the find icon to create a worklist in the Job window, then save the search as a worklist. 

Useful applications include: separate worklists for your account managers. client groups, supplier groups etc. 

Example: worklist for account managers

Click on the find icon in the tool bar (the magnifying glass).

Use the following selection criteria - Check job status (proposed, live, on-hold or completed) if you only want to see live jobs, then click in job status and only highlight live. 

Next step is to click "Account Executive" or Account Director" or right at the bottom you have a tick box "Include only jobs created and last modified myself".

Save the worklist results as a new worklist, this new worklist should be all of your jobs or the jobs from your selection above. You can also add the columns you want to appear in the worklist.

Save the worklist search so any new clients added for the account manager will automatically appear in the worklist.

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