Status of expense Claims
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Status of expense Claims

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Status of Expenses and Claims

Status of Expenses - Expenses Tab

There are 4 expense statuses:

  1. Without Receipts
  2. With Receipts
  3. Incomplete Expenses
  4. Completed Expenses

Expenses without receipts

Receipts were not attached when these expenses were created. The status is “not added to claim”

Note: These expenses can be deleted if necessary.

Expenses with receipts

A receipt was added and an expense has been created. The status is “not added to claim”

Note: These expenses can be deleted if necessary.

Incomplete Expenses

These are all expenses which may or may not have a receipt attached. They have not been converted to a claim.

Note: You have the option to delete these expenses. 

4 Completed Expenses

This is a listing of all receipts which have been completed i.e. converted to a claim.

You no longer have the option to delete “completed” expenses. while in the Expenses tab.

Statuses of Claims - Claims Tab

There are 6 claim statuses:

  1. Draft
  2. Pending
  3. Approved
  4. Rejected
  5. Posted
  6. Paid

Draft Claims

These are expense claims which have receipts attached and are ready to be submitted.

They can be deleted at any time. .

Pending Claims

These are claims which have expenses attached and have been submitted for approval. The have not been approved yet. These claims may be deleted by the user who created them if necessary and the administrator or approver will not receive any notifications about the deletion.

Approved Claims

If a claim has been submitted and approved, the user who created it cannot delete it. That user should speak to the person approving the claim as that can delete it.

Rejected Claims

These claims have been rejected by the person who approved expense claims. A rejected claim can be deleted by the person who created it.

Posted Claims


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