Create and submit an expense
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    Create and submit an expense

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    Create an Expense

    Ways to create an Expense: 

    • Upload an image (Receipt) and then fill in details
    • Create an expense manually by filling in the details. No image (Receipt) is necessary. 

    You have the following options:

    1. Upload Receipt 
    2. Create an expense without a receipt  
    3. Create a claim
    4. Edit a submitted claim or delete it as long as it is not approved.

    Click on the  button at the top left hand .

    Drop files in the box or click or select to upload from your computer.

    Alternately, click on  if you want to create the expense without an attached image (receipt).

    Expenses currently supports JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF formats (maximum size 6MB). Is there a format you need that isn't listed? 

    You have the option to either complete all the required info or click on  save receipt . 

    If you select click on save receipt the transaction can be completed later. The transaction is listed as not added to claim.

    Converting a Receipt to an Expense

    When you decide to convert the receipt to an expense, select the receipt and click Create Claim.

    Complete the following screen:

    When you click on "value required", it opens up the original receipt if the receipt wasn't completed when uploaded.

    Complete the information for the receipt: Job Number > Amount > GST option > Kind > Expense Description

    Complete receipt information and click on Save Receipt.

    You now have a claim and you can click on "Submit".  

    The status of your claim is "submitted".

    If a claims' status is submitted, you can edit the submitted claim - i.e. change: the job number; kind code; amount and then resubmit it. ; or even delete it.


    Create and Submit an Expense without receipts 

    Click on  if you wish to create an expense without a receipt.  

    You can attach the receipt later.

    Click on Save Receipt -  this transaction can be completed later.

    Click on Create Claim to continue process

    Fill in the required fields as above.

    If you need to edit the receipt, click on the receipt line, you can also add a copy of an ecpense receipt, click on Add File to do this.

    Attach the receipt and click on save

    Now you can submit the claim

    Fill in the REQUIRED info and click on ADD RECEIPT if you haven't added a receipt previously.

    Need more help?

    Please contact support, call 02 8115 8090 or email

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