How to create expenses
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How to create expenses

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Expense Submitters

Need to submit a claim? Working out how to log your expenses and then submit the claim to your organisation?

Submitting an expense is the first step.

Depending on your organisation's set up, you may see 2, 3 or 4 tabs at the top of the page.

If you are not able to approve a claim, you will see two tabs.

Get started with receipts by uploading them from computer. Either drop files in the box or click to upload from Computer. You can save your Expenses at any point and return to them later, there is no need to fill out everything at once.

Expenses currently supports JPG, PNG and PDF formats. Multi-page PDFs will be saved as individual files. Is there a format you need that isn't listed? Let us know.

Click on the  action button to start the process.

Expenses Tab:  

You have the following options:

  1. Create expenses with or without attached files
  2. Delete an expense 
  3. Convert an expense into a claim

Begin by clicking on to create an expense.

When you click on the  action button, you have the option to either upload a receipt or create an expense without a receipt

Upload a Receipt

You have the option to upload a receipt and not complete all the expense information

Click on

Select a receipt from your files. 

You have the option to either complete all the required info or click on  "save receipt" . 

Click on This transaction can be completed later.

Submit an Expense without receipts 

Click on  if you wish to create an expense without a receipt.  

You can attach the receipt later.


Click on This transaction can be completed later.

Suggest an improvement

We are constantly working on expanding JBX Expenses abilities. If you would like to see a feature please let us know and we will try to to add it for you.

Contact us?

Send us an email at and we will get back to you. More urgent issue? Give us a call at +61 (02) 8115 8090

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