Introduction to the Address book
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    Introduction to the Address book

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    The Address Book in jobBag contains records of all of your clients, suppliers and individual contacts. 

    A Business contact is a business entity For example: - Company: Jane Smith & Associates Pty Ltd

    An Individual contact can be a sole trader, employee or a individual contact For example: - Contact: Ms Jane Smith 

    Navigate JobBag > Address Book

    Getting started

    To use the Address Book effectively, you will need to review and configure the following

    Who can do and see what in the address book

    Navigate to File > Administration > User maintenance 

    Configure the address book

    Navigate to File > Configuration > Address Book

    How to add address book entry/type

    There are a number of address book types you can add the most popular being Client, Supplier, employees and freelancers and ind. 

    JobBag also has a talent/performing artists, media, superannuation and banks

    Click here for more information about each Address book type →

    Set it up as a CRM

    An active account management team can create a lot of data, and a lot of administration. All too often, details are missed if they are handwritten notes or stored in a person's memory. Valuable follow-ups could be missed, and prioritising customers could end up as guesswork.

    Check out our CRM How to guide

    ABN asome browsers enable drag-n-drop only when dataTransfer has datand address Look up service

    JobBag supports the Australian Business Register ABN look up service. This service allows you to verify that the business you are entering into your database is a registered entity. We don’t support any other lookup service at this time.

    Set up this feature in File > Configuration > Countries > Configure ABN and Look up service

    Address Look up service

    The Address Lookup service allows you to use the address that is known to the address service and is correctly formatted for mailing and delivery purposes. You can configure this for Australia and New Zealand.

    Set up this feature in File > Configuration > Countries > Configure ABN and Look up service

    Importing your existing list

    In order to upload your existing list, please contact JobBag Support for assistance. 02 8115 8090

    Need more help?

    Please contact support, call 02 8115 8090 or email

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