Introduction to Supplier Invoice Processing
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    Introduction to Supplier Invoice Processing

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    Introduction to Supplier Invoice Processing

    The supplier invoices window is the entry point to everything you do in recording, editing and printing invoices received from suppliers.

    When a supplier invoice is received, it is reconciled against the purchase order where one exists. Not all supplier invoices will have a purchase order eg. utility bills and phone bill.

    Privilege to Process Supplier Invoices

    You require the ability to:

    1 create a supplier record 

    2 process various types of supplier invoices

    3 set up processing rules i.e. supplier invoice settings

    Refer to privileges to create supplier record

    Refer to privileges to process supplier invoices

    Supplier Invoice Settings

    This is where you make decisions such as eg "do supplier invoices need to be approved?" 

    Refer to Supplier Invoice Settings

    Create a supplier in the Address Book

    Supplier can be either an incorporated company or an individual sole trader. 

    Refer to Create business suppler record

    Refer to Create Individual Supplier Record

    Types of supplier invoices

    You can create 6 types of supplier invoices:

    1. Ordinary Supplier Invoice (No PO)
    2. Ordinary Supplier Invoice (with PO)
    3. Talent Agent Invoice
    4. Self Billing Non PerformingTalent Invoice    
    5. Credit Card Statement Supplier Invoices  
    6.  Freelancer / Consultant Invoice    
    7.  Expense Claims     
    8.  Media Invoices     


    Window explained/Feature Glossary

    For information on each of the fields in the supplier processing screen refer to supplier invoice screen details

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