Getting Started Overview
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    Getting Started Overview

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    Getting started on a new business system can be overwhelming!

    We feel you, so we wanted to give you an overview of JobBag to get you started. JobBag is a business management platform that helps organisations stay on top of business processes, with a full suite of features like accounts, payroll, timesheets, tasks, plans, forecasts etc.

    Currently, there are two main interfaces you'll interact with when using the product:

    Desktop stand alone software

    The Desktop version of JobBag is a fully integrated business management systems and has the full suite of features such as payroll, project management, planning, project estimating, planning, workflow management, timesheets, purchase orders, etc.

    JBX - Our browser based product

    The JBX  browser based product has limited functionality which include timesheets, expense claims, applying for leave and tasks.

    Install stand alone desktop version

    Apple mac 


    Two factor authentication

    Some users, such as the administrator and other users with access to some confidential information will require two factor authentication.

    Log on to JobBag

    All users will require a username and password. The same user name and password will allow you to access both JobBag products.

    logon to JobBag (Desktop)

    Logon to JobBag (JBX)

    JobBag email

    Your email server settings need to be entered into JobBag before you can start sending emails.  Please have your IT Administrator review this page and make the appropriate changes to your hosted email service.

    Self on-boarding

    Self on-boarding: admin/finance

    Self On boarding: Account Service/Manager

    Active Timesheet User - Creative

    Best Practice Guides

    New more help? 

    Please contact support call 02 8115 8090 or email

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