Expenses (JBX)
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Expenses (JBX)

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What are Expenses?

Expenses are costs that are incurred for running a business. They can be incurred on various day-to-day business activities including travel, food, and lodging. Record and claim reimbursement for all the expenses you incur on behalf of your business in the Expenses module.

How does Expenses work? 

When a business expense has been incurred, on corporate card or personal expense, you can upload the receipt or record it in JobBag. Collate all your expenses according to your organisation's requirements as a claim, and submit it to your manager or finance for approval. Your manager or finance will review the claim and choose to approve or reject it. If approved, your claim will be then posted and paid to you. If rejected, your manager or finance will let you know what needs to be fixed up before you resubmit your claim.

For help logging Expenses or creating Claims:

Expense statuses

DraftIf expenses have not been added to a claim, they are shown as Draft.
Added to ClaimIf expenses have been added to a claim, they are shown as Added to Claim.
Note: editing an expense after it has been added to a claim will not change the claim.

Learn about Expense statuses here →

Need to Approve or Reject claims, add Approvers or delegate approvals? 

  • Add Approvers for your Organisation
  • Approving and Rejecting Claims
  • Delegate approvals 

Approving and Rejecting Claims

All claims need to be checked and approved prior to reimbursement, so that the Organisation allocates costs to the right cost centres.
Depending on your Organisation, you may need a Manager to approve claim, or send it direct to Finance for approval.
Learn more about Manager's Review of Claims here → 
Learn more about Finance Review of Claims here →

Finance, management and administrators: 

If this is your first time setting up your Organisation for Expenses:  

Option 1:

Finance team in the Organisation checks, approves, posts and pays expense claims.
JBX Expenses Steps 3 (1).png

Option 2:

Managers with Approval privileges checks and approves expense claims. Finance team checks, posts and pays expense claims after they are approved.
JBX Expenses Steps 4 (1).png

What are Claims?

An Expense Claim is a compilation of all the Expenses you have incurred for a project or for a period of time. You will need to create a claim, submit it to your manager or finance team (depending on your Organisation's preference) in order to be reimbursed for your Expenses.
Learn how to create Claims here →

Claim statuses

DraftA Draft claim that has been created in part or whole, but not submitted to anyone. 
PendingA Pending claim has been submitted for approval and reimbursement, but approval and reimbursement is not yet complete. 
ApprovedAn Approved claim has been submitted for approval, and the Approver has reviewed and approved the claim. Reimbursement is not yet complete.
Note: This status will not be visible if your organisation has opted to disable Approvals. See privilege configuration here.
RejectedA Rejected claim has been submitted for approval, and the Approver has reviewed and rejected the claim with a mandatory reason. 
The claim is then sent back to the originating user.
PostedFinance user(s) have reviewed, approved and posted the claim to the General Ledger.
Reimbursement is not yet complete but imminent. 
PaidReimbursement has been completed by the Finance user(s). 

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