Create a Freelancer (incorporated company)
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    Create a Freelancer (incorporated company)

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    Create a Freelancer (incorporated company)

    Before you begin this set of instructions, please ensure:- 
    1. That the ATO's tool (link) confirms that the person/company is indeed a freelancer or contractor, not an employee; 
    2. That the Freelancer is an incorporated company; 
    3. That the Freelancer's superannuation fund is listed in the Address Book as a superannuation fund. If it isn't add the fund in the Address Book to complete the superannuation fund details. 

    Create an Address Book record for the Freelancer. 

    Assign the Freelancer a role and / or update the Organisation Chart.

    Ignore the Zero Vale Option if you are adding a freelancer in V72 upwards. This option is for those who wish to process freelancers the old way.

    Update employment information i.e. add their cost and charge out rates.

    Update the tax declaration.

    Update their superannuation info.

    Ensure an ABN is recorded. If the ABN is not recorded at this time, JobBag will deduct withholding tax when an invoice is paid.

    Add a Freelancer address book record

    Select Individual

    Select Type : Freelancer. When freelancer is selected, the supplier status is automatically active in the supplier section. 

    Enter name details. 

    Select Role from the dropdown list.

    Note: Is Zero Value option is redundant.; it is used in JobBag pre version 8, disregard this box.

    Update Role and Organisation Chart 

    Check the Org Chart is updated with the freelancer’s information and added to a department and role.

    This is important because if you wish to assign a task, the freelancer with a Role assigned will show up automatically in the Assigned to field in the task. 

    Go to Configuration > Address Book > Organisation Chart

    Ensure that the Freelancer is in the role they were assigned to when the freelancer record was created. 

    In the screen shot below, the Freelancer is in the Creative department and their role is Copywriters.

    Update Employment Information

    In the Address Book, select the Employment tab in the Freelancer's Address Book record. 

    Select the green '+' button next to Add new employment information

    Enter all relevant employment details and save. 

    Field Name


    First day

    the day they started freelance contract

    Last day

    the day they ended freelance contract


    Any notes you wish to add

    Hours worked

    hours worked for each day they work

    Client utilisation

    Percentage utilisation


    Select Freelancer

    Hourly rate

    Rate charged by contractor / freelancer


    JobBag calculates superannuation (hourly rate) if option “freelancer has superannuation” is selected


    The rate at which you wish to charge clients if overriding the kind charge rate

    Update Tax Declaration

    Select the green '+' button next to Add new TFN Declaration. 

     Complete the required info, click save and approve.


    Update Superannuation Information

    Select the green '+' button next to Add super fund.

    Complete the Super Fund info and save.

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