Configure Organisation Chart
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Configure Organisation Chart

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Configure Organisation Chart

To access the Organisation Chart window, follow this path from the File menu:

File > Configuration > Address book > Organisation chart

Purpose of the Organisation Chart

The organisation chart is not the traditional company organisation chart. 

It is used to:

  • define departments and roles within the company  
  • link employees to their primary role
  • link employees to their secondary roles if necessary eg when an employee is a creative designer in the creative department as well as a designer in the digital department
  • link kind codes to the roles 

The above groupings of departments and roles is used:

  1. to filter information in visual planning
  2. for payroll mapping
  3. for task planning

How to create and delete a department

Click on  and enter a name, in this example it is called "New department" then click on  .

You now have a new department

To delete a department, highlight the department and click on  and save the change.

How to create a role

A role is created for a department. Highlight a department and click on Add role.

You now have a new role in a department

How to add an employee to a role

Follow this process:

  1. highlight a role - a border appears around the role
  2. select an employee 
  3. and drag them into the role

Nicole Cruise has been added to "New Role"

How to remove an employee from a role

To remove an employee from a role, highlight the employee and drag them out.

Employee's Primary Roles

A solid star indicates this is the main role of the employee.

Employee's Secondary Roles

Secondary roles are created after a primary role is created.

To create a secondary role for an employee start by highlighting the role and drag the employee into the second role

To access the full list of employees, un-tick option "only show employees / freelancers without a role"

Select employee eg Alan Bond from full list and drag into Client Service.

Employee Alan Bond has been added to Client Service; it is his secondary role

How to link kind codes to a role

This is where we link persons to kind codes. Start by

  1. Highlight role
  2. Click in the 'kinds' space

Select kind codes and click on

When a role is highlighted, the kind codes used for the role is listed in the kinds box.

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