User Roles
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User Roles

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User Roles

JobBag Expenses has three user roles:- Submitter, Approver, Finance

Users with administration privileges can create configure these permissions. Often, users with the Finance roles also have configuration privileges. Check with your organisation's administrator for these details. 

SubmitterCan upload receipts, create expenses and expense claims. Can submit claims for approval.
Submitters are usually employees within the organisation. 
ApproverCan perform every action of a Submitter.
Can also approve claims submitted to them, including their own claims.
Approvers are usually team leaders or managers within the organisation.
Note: Depending on your organisation's settings, you may or may not 
FinanceCan perform every action of an Approver. 

Submit an Expense 

Click on the 'EXPENSES" tab.

You have the following options:

  1. Create expenses with or without attached files
  2. Delete an expense 
  3. Convert an expense into a claim

You have the option to use filters to customise your view of expenses. 

You have the option to view more or less columns of information. 

Create a Claim

Claims are created, edited, deleted and submitted in this tab.

Manager  Review 

This may be turned off for your organisation, or for users without appropriate privileges.

Finance Process

 This may be turned off for users without the appropriate privileges.

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