Bank Reconciliation
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    Bank Reconciliation

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    Bank Reconciliations - Using the Import Option


    You have two options:

    1  Do a manual bank reconciliation or

    2  Import a  bank statement (formats available: CSV, QIF, OFX)

    You can save a bank reconciliation half way through and continue later. You can delete accepted bank reconciliations and redo them.

    This page is about the process of importing a bank statement and reconciling it

    Import a bank statement 

    Highlight bank account and click on "Import a bank statement"

    Select a file type from the drop down list

    Click on 'import the specified file'

    Select file and click on 'open'

    Click on 'Reconcile transactions'

    Reconcile Imported Transactions

    Transactions are available for reconciling - what do all the colours mean?

    Green colour - JobBag has managed to find a matching item.

    Red Colour - JobBag has not found a possible item to match the bank transaction

    Status of Transactions in the Bank Reconciliation

    Green Colour

    JobBag had found an item which matches the bank transaction. However, it is worth checking to see if the item is the correct one eg there could be a long list of client invoices which are being paid and a few of the amounts are the same - so it is worth checking the reconciliation against your client's remittance advice.

    Click on the search icon

    The following screen appears - ensure the selection by JobBag is correct

    Red Colour

    This means JobBag has either not been able to match existing transactions or there are no transactions.

    In the example below, there are invoices but JobBag was not able to match then because of currency differences

     Click on the green plus sign to create a receipt transaction.

    When the transaction has been matched and reconciled, it turns green

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