Configure Address Types
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Configure Address Types

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Configure and Manage Address Types

Three address types are provided by JobBag. They are mailing address, delivery address and home address. You may  wish to add more address types eg. warehouse address 

Create a new address type

1. Navigate to  File > Configuration > Address book > Address Types

The address types provided are:

  1. Delivery address
  2. Home address
  3. Mailing address

Create a New Address Type

Begin by clicking on  new to create a new address type. 

Enter a description and click on  to a create new address book type.

How to Use an Address Type

Start by clicking on the  tab

Click on sign

You have 4 types of addresses to select from a drop down list.

Type an address and then allow the address finder to provide options (if you have the address lookup option turned on in the countries configuration).

List of possible addresses - or add an unlisted address

Added an unlisted address

Client record has an additional address

When you create a PO, in this example there are three addresses to select for delivery

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