Configure Address Types
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Configure Address Types

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Configure Address Types

Create a new address type

To access the Address Types window, follow this path from the file menu:

'File>Configuration>Address book>Address Types'

JobBag has provided three address types. You may wish to add more address types.

The address types provided are:

  1. Delivery address
  2. Home address
  3. Mailing address

Create a New Address Type

Begin by clicking on    to a new address type..

Enter a description and click on  to a create new address book type.

How to Use an Address Type

Start by clicking on the  tab

Click on sign

You have 4 types of addresses to select from a drop down list.

Type an address and then allow the address finder to provide options

List of possible addresses - or add an unlisted address

Added an unlisted address

Client record has an additional address

When you create a PO - you have three addresses to select for delivery

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