Default Planning Templates
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Default Planning Templates

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Default Planning Templates

There are 2 types of planning templates:

  • default planning templates
  • customised planning templates

Templates can be left blank or populated with phases and a list of tasks.

We recommend a default template be set up with a few tasks for every job type. This default list of planning tasks is automatically loaded when a job is created. This list can be either:

  • deleted and replaced with a customised planning template
  • or have a few more tasks added
  • or deleted - in which case the job will have no planning tasks

For example, Jobs of the Account Service Type includes tasks to cover client meetings and planning time. Planning templates are useful for creating tasks that occur during the initial briefing meetings and planning - it covers all activities which happen before the quote/estimate is created.

You can have many planning templates to save time when creating a job’s plan. For example, 3 different planning templates to create budgets for a large campaign, medium, or small campaign. A plan can be created with a budget that can be changed to suit when the plan is done an estimate can be created from the tasks which are a real time saver.

Create Default Template

All tasks on a default planning template will be added to a job automatically. If there are no tasks nothing will be added.

It is recommended all default planning templates have at least one task. The tasks cannot be overwritten by a different planning template. If selecting a different planning template, the tasks are added to the default tasks. You can have many variations of planning templates for job types.

Overview of process for creating / editing default planning template.

1 Decide if you wish to use Default Templates for the pre-planning phase (i,e, before a quote is created) 2 Create a default plan for one job type ( usually there a couple of tasks) 3 Clone this default plan for some or all of your job types

Detailed Process Step by step with screen shots

Step 1 Click on “File / Configuration / Jobs / Default Planning”

Step 2 Click on and select job type from drop down list

Step 3 Click on to edit template

Step 4 Right-click to change the name of “Phase 1” and tab through

Note: Renaming this phase is optional

Step 5 Enter task name and TAB through

Step 6 Enter another task and click on

Step 7 Click on to edit the default template

Step 8 Click on to select kind codes for the tasks

Step 9 Click on

Clone Default Template

Step 1 Click on and the following appears.

In the following you are cloning a default template for job type “Production - Catalogues”

Step 2 Click on

Step 3 View Planning templates in job type “Production -Catalogues”

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