Address Book: Overview
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Address Book: Overview

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Address Book: Overview

JobBag's Address Book contains records of all of your business and individual Contacts. You can add new business and individual contacts to the JobBag address book, or merge your existing list.

Importing your existing list

In order to upload your existing list, please contact JobBag Support for assistance. 02 8115 8090

Business and Individual contacts

A Business contact is a business entity For example: - Company: Jane Smith & Associates Pty Ltd

A Individual contact can be a sole trader, employee or a individual contact For example: - Contact: Ms Jane Smith 

Address book typeExample of useBusinessIndividualLink to Help Page
ProspectProspects cannot be Clients. You can turn Prospects into Clients when their first Estimate is accepted, or their first Job goes live.

ClientYour Clients/Customers who purchase your products and services
Add new client
SupplierYour Suppliers who provide product and services to you
Add new supplier

FreelancerYour independent contractors

Freelancer - AgentLabor hire firm

EmployeeEmployees perform duties for wages and salary. They have PAYG deducted, are paid superannuation guaranteed into a nominated super account and some employees accrue leave entitlements
Add new employee


These relate to individual contacts on Prospects, clients, suppliers

Performing artistsPerforming Artists are contracted to perform promotional activity. This feature deals with all of the Performing Artist, PAYG withholding, superannuation and reporting obligations as set out by the ATO.

Add new performing Artists
Non performing artistExamples of non-performing talent are hairdressers, make-up artists, sound technicians etc.

Add new Non performing Artists
Talent-agentA talent agent—also called a booking agent—is a company or person who books actors, musicians, writers for workAdd new Talent Agent

Media SupplierThese are your typical traditional or Digital media supplier, Radio stations, newspapers, Facebook, google

Super FundUse this type to set up your clearing house fund and your employee super funds

This should be used for the bank accounts you will need to be reconciled. You can create many accounts under your bank such as operational, investment

Credit Card Supplier

Address Book entry window

First, selecting If the record is a Business or Individual Contact > next, select the type if the contact,  this will opening the appropriate fields and sections for this window

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