How to reset 2 Factor (2FA) authentication
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How to reset 2 Factor (2FA) authentication

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How to reset 2-Factor Authentication

Step 1

Navigate to the File menu > Administration > Users Maintenance

Step 2 

Select the user that needs 2 Factor Authentication reset. 

Select the reset 2FA button in the tool bar.

Step 3
Select Yes to 'Do you want to reset multi-factor authentication for user (User name)? message'

Step 4

Verify that the status of Two FA for the user is Off.

Step 5

Check that the user that has been reset has the authenticator app set up on their phone. 

Suggested apps: FreeOTP | Google Authenticator iOS or Android

If the user has uninstalled their authenticator app, they must reinstall to proceed. 

Step 6

When this user logs into JobBag next, this screen will appear where 2FA is Off. The user must then select TOTP for the code to be sent to the phone or E-mail for the code to be emailed, and then the blue button 'Set'. 

Step 7 

The next screen displayed will include the authenticator QR code. The user is to scan the code with their authenticator app and input the corresponding TOTP code. When the first TOTP code is verified, 2 Factor Authentication for this user has been successfully reset.

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