Creating POs
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Creating POs

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Create POs


There are 3 ways to create a PO:

1    From the Jobs screen 2    From the Costing Menu 3    From the estimate

You can either email the PO from JobBag or create a PDF and email it.


1.0    Create PO from Jobs screen

The benefit: job number is automatically filled in.

Step 1.1    Click on jobs

Step 1.2    Click on in the jobs window and the click on

Step 1.3    Complete the following screen

2.0    Create PO from the costing menu

The benefit:    a single PO for many jobs

Step 2.1    Click on ‘costing / purchase orders’

Step 2.2    Click on in the screen below

Step 2.3    Complete the following screen

3.0    Create PO from Estimate

The benefit is the supplier name and job number is filled in automatically

Step 3.1    When estimate is created, select supplier.

Step 3.2    Click on and click on

Step3.3    Click on and click on in the following screen.

Step 3.4    Complete the following screen


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